Rounds and Fancies

Venus Jewel creates the world's finest round and fancy diamonds. Our manufacturing expertise is focused on creating brilliance in every stone we polish. More than ninety percent of our rounds are judged Triple EX for excellence in cut, polish and symmetry, and more than eighty percent of our fancies are rated Double EX for polish and symmetry. Through our commitment to the highest standards, we manufacture exclusive solitaires that range from 0.30 to 15+ carats, from FL to I1 clarities, and from D to M colors, even fancy colors if the stone allows. Through our expertise, we now supply more than fifteen percent of the total global market for gem quality diamonds - those ranging from FL to VVS2 and a clear D to F color - of one carat or more.

Flawless Diamonds

The deepest expression of our craft is in our Flawless diamonds, stones so perfect that our only role is to carefully remove all that stands between the gem and the mesmerizing brilliance within. Because these diamonds are so precious, they are managed from rough to polish by a separate team, which has the expertise to ensure they receive the attention they deserve. The results are gems without compromise, and a symmetry, fire and color that far exceed normal standards.

Preferred Diamond Selection (PDS)

Preferred Diamond Selection (PDS) auctions are our diamond's first introduction to our global customer base. Here, all diamonds new to Venus Jewel's stock and some existing diamonds with a new product offering are put up for bid on our website daily. To ensure each customer has a fair chance to consider the stones and place their offers, the bidding process lasts for a full twenty-four hours. Over that period, prospective customers place single, sealed bids, with the winner taking the diamonds for the amount of the second highest bid. This distinctive process ensures stable pricing and has developed legions of devoted customers who use our PDS site to add value to the diamond divisions of their own businesses.

Look and Bid

Diamonds that remain available following our Preferred Diamond Selection process are presented in a subsequent offering via our Look and Bid (L&B) auctions. L&B employs the same twenty-four hour review and closed bidding methods as PDS, and also allows our customers, their representative or their Venus Jewel sales executive to review the stone and answer questions before placing their sealed bids online.

Online Sales

Venus Jewel pioneered the online market for large diamond solitaires in 1997, with the initial iteration of our e-commerce site.

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Online Sales

Venus Jewel pioneered the online market for large diamond solitaires in 1997, with the initial iteration of our e-commerce site. Today, we continue to offer all of our stock online and more than half of our sales are generated via this portal.

Each listing includes a high-resolution photo, a clear illustration of the gem's light performance through ASET imaging, a guide to any types of inclusions, a Diamond DNA profile that summarizes a diamond's particulars and a full Venus Grading System report to ensure our customers are able to comprehensively appraise a diamond before holding it in their hand. For diamonds larger than two carats, a video of the gem rotating under a light offers a distinctive preview of how it will look when incorporated into jewelry.

Customers regularly tell us that purchasing diamonds through our website provides a true virtual experience that is every bit as effective as seeing the diamonds in their offices. Our customers can, subject to certain terms, download our inventory to their systems. We can also keep confidential records of their buying histories, patterns and prices to help guide their purchasing. With our considerable inventory and online search capabilities, we are able to quickly provide our customers with almost any type of diamond they require.

Matched Pair

Whether in life or in diamonds, finding the perfect partner is no simple matter. Venus Jewel can simplify at least one of these quests through our proprietary Matched Pair tool. Starting with one diamond from our stock, Matched Pair casts an eye across the entire breadth of our inventory to find the right match. As the world's leading producer of high-quality solitaires, Venus Jewel may have more exclusive, potentially matching pairs than any other firm in the world. In addition to comparing diamonds across twenty aspects through the Venus Grading System, Matched Pair also uses wireframe overlays to make facet-to-facet comparisons between stones. This process, unique to Venus Jewel, helps ensure we find a second diamond that is as near to the first as nature will allow.

Venus Exclusive Diamond

A new collection of exquisite gems, designed, cut and polished to our most exacting standards, Venus Exclusive Diamonds are available only through our site. We invite you to discuss this exceptional opportunity to own some of the world's finest diamonds with your Venus Jewel sales executive via the following email address:

In-House Buying

In the heart of Mumbai's Bharat Diamond Bourse, our sales office affords a comfortable, secure setting in which to personally inspect our stock.

Our private viewing cabins and conference room are brightly lit, neutrally decorated and conveniently stocked with 10x loupes, fluorescence checking lamps, velvet trays and handling tools. International calling, Wi-Fi and fax services are available on request, as are light refreshments and complimentary consultations with our knowledgeable sales executives.